Finding Refuge in Spa dates

Refuge, Carmel, California
Refuge Spa | Carmel, CA

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined marrying someone who loves spa dates as much as I do.(All thanks to the Korean 찜질방 (Jjim-jil-bang) culture which deserves a post on its own!) So it’s looking like Refuge will top our 2015 favourite date spot.

Refuge in Northern California claims to be the first co-ed relaxation spa in America, and it is arguably a one of a kind spa experience! Not only is it aesthetically gorgeous, it is physiologically therapeutic too.

In fact, the charming pictures on their website do absolute justice to the delectable experience.

The spa junkies in us found this gem of a spa when we did a Central California getaway road trip during the July 4th long weekend this year. Refuge has since become our favourite natural spa hideout nestled amongst the mountains no less. It offers the “hydrotherapy formula” that the athlete in me knows to be excellent for our bodies to de-stress and recharge! We have been there twice already, and we adore it.

To “preserve” the tranquility of the space, the spa prohibits food, drinks and electronic devices within the spa compounds, and conversations volume will have to be kept at minimal – which can be a huge challenge! Bring a book. Towels provided. We usually do a full lunch at around noon then hit the spa at around 3pm and stay through to 9pm, shower, then do a late dinner pit stop on our way home (it’s a 1 to 2 hours drive to San Francisco). Driving Tip: Take CA State Route 1 instead of 68 for a smoother ride.

There are tennis courts and gym facilities at the location if you fancy a full-day workout, though these sports facilities carry their own charges. Free coffee + tea are available after you check-out from the spa compounds, so chill out happy at their cozy lounge to complete a soul refreshing time-out kind of date. 🙂

27300 Rancho San Carlos Rd,
Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93923
United States of America

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