SLOG: brand new chapter

S.LOGnoun / Sound Log

“Go ahead my dear to think out loud.”

So SLOG has been nine months in the making.

It all started with this post, and then this one. And the emails, messages, comments we received. And, often life’s like that. At the time you least expect it, when your hands are beyond full, you catch a glimpse of His heart. Discovering who “our people” are a la how we can lend our personal stories in all its ‘uncut’ rawness that connect with others at the heart and soul level. In these nine months, we’ve talked incessantly about how to steward the journeys we’ve lived, loved, lamented, laughed, and learned. Well the conclusion is we still don’t know! But, what we do know is we do hope to be more intentional in documenting our journeys and thoughts. It’s a passion project we are very excited to embark on as a couple.

Especially since we don’t have the capacity to sit down (what’s that even?) to write blogs or create vlogs. So randomly, one day, I came up with the term SLOG. And it’s just us pulling out a voice recorder, be it in the middle of the road or in the middle of our kitchen table. Today marks the ‘soft launch’ of our SLOG – of which we have no real idea what this is but I suppose it could be simply just recording moments of life in the way we think about things as they unfold — the things we wrestled through in every decision and (faith) step we’ve taken and about to take. When we look back at how the last three years of our marriage have so flown by, we are utterly besotted with His magnificence and believing there is more.

/ SLOG chapter i / Getting married in a whim, moving three cities (including 1 international relocation), traveled the world, buying our first home without any planning (!), started seminary and then full-time ministry for Edward, started producing shows and documentaries for TV networks and Hollywood for me. As if we have not been caught breathless enough by these, in this SLOG, we reveal a little of what we have started working on launching next in 2018. We also mused about an article I came across last month by the daughter (Lulu) of The infamous tiger mom. It had us thinking about identity. And reminded us of my childhood in Asia where society had taught me to earn or establish my confidence and identity on external validations, that nobody told us they would lead to the ever so intrusive fears that transpired growing up in a world telling us to not rock the boat, to stay safe, to play its game.

“People assume that tiger parenting would beget low self-esteem because there isn’t that constant praise, but I think I’m exiting with a lot more confidence than some others, because my confidence is earned.

— Lulu, daughter of Amy Chua – author of “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”

/ Music credits /
Into The Light Now by Thomas Keyser
Sky by Markvard