To the places we have yet to conquer

If we truly believe we are made to be more than conquerors, it’s really okay to live a life others don’t understand.

Tomorrow I start school in fashion business, I’d be lying if I say I’m not petrified to go back to school in all of my thirtysomething… Stakes in life do get higher with age! Yet, and indeed so much of this year for me has been a figuring out what to attempt next, or rather, what unchartered territories should I go in to conquer. Sometimes for me that is a physical land like a country or city to go out there to like Cambodia or Copenhagen or China, other times, it’s more metaphorical like a cultural force dominating industries of our societies and shaping perceptions. It’s about living everyday like there is a conqueror within you for thy Kingdom come.

The fashion industry for me has been a long time coming since I had to relinquish the scholarship I received five years ago in Denmark due to visa complications. And I was utterly crushed. I was 28 years old then, it was to me the best time for a career pivot. I always saw the twentysomething season as the exploratory decade. To try and learn new things and enter new unchartered territories unapologetically so. So with fashion being shelved, I turned to the other territory that I’ve had also first shelved five years earlier: Film. And within a few months, I took off to Los Angeles. (It’s been a total blast being a filmmaker, and the conquest is inching to an end as my first feature film with a Hollywood studio drops next year — stay tuned!) 

I’ve since learned that it usually takes about 3-5 years between receiving a God-breathed vision to actually seeing any movement of it coming to pass. And then another 3-5 years before remotely seeing any fulfillment of it. Even so, more often than not, you are not really doing anything or hustling to ‘make it happen’, but just a flowing with it. It is a process and a journey so personal that others will have a hard time understanding what you’re doing (or not doing). And over time you’d learn that’s okay. Time will tell.

I had first interacted with a vision for video production in 2008 but I was called to be in Asia then. I then got into video production full-time-ish in October 2012 when I first had several paid video production gigs in Europe under my belt. And when I arrived in California in December 2013, I was still relatively amateur. I had absolutely no idea what to expect or where to start — perhaps go observe on Hollywood sets? Or maybe attend film workshops? Or just rock up to an agency? Cut to the chase, in less than four years, He’s opened door after door that no man could have shut (and even enabled me to buy our first house). If you are given a vision to conquer the industry, take heart. With His vision, it’s not impossible to take ground at all and to stand for all that matters in light of eternity while at it.


About four months ago, the hubs told me to get ready for a possible move to Boston. My first reaction was: “Uh what am I gonna do in Boston?!” But lo and behold, a few weeks later, a recruiter from a major sports fashion label in Boston reached out to me for a senior management position that is totally out of my league. I proceeded with the interviews anyway, and after many many many rounds of case studies overdrive, I somehow made it to the final four. They then flew me out to Boston to check out the company, and as I toured their studios and saw the designers working on sketches and all that jazz, my spirit leapt.

It was the closest thing that felt like a ‘Dare’ to me in a while, and but to just respond ‘Yes! I’m up for it’. And so, though I didn’t get the role, but it opened doors to the label’s competitors too and most importantly it had my heart stirring for this unchartered territory. While I was still in the midst of interviews, and looking at schools to grow new relevant skill sets for the fashion industry, the hubs then decided we should stay in Colorado after all. I simply pivoted with his leadership and chanced upon private fashion schools with a remote education option. So here I am starting Monday with Parsons.

We decided to downsize our living quarters anyway and will be moving to a one bedroom condo close to Denver in two weeks — and which I later discovered that there is a private fashion design studio available for public use just 15 mins away from the condo. I am stoked. I don’t know where all these will lead to, just as the script of our lives would always have it. And but I do also remember when I entered sports media over a decade ago, it was just like this: by the Spirit leaping in my heart. And there is a sweet terror that comes with it all — of doing it afraid and of being able to experiment all the fashion business ideas that have been shelved since 2013.

He has not forgotten, and does not forget.

And more so ever, to take hold of yet another territory that has much work to be done.

Even so, come.

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