Of the Kingdom expression of our marriage

SLOG chapter iii | So we end 2018 and start 2019 with the official launch of this SLOG (among other new things). Since soft-launching in April, and this was part of the realignment of our four-year marriage, we have by now also come to define our joint mission and essentially the Kingdom expression of our marriage as this: To tell the secret stories of the soul.

Meet eight parables.

This twenty19, we are endeavoring to do a monthly SLOG in capturing our journey with eight parables and beyond.

In this first official SLOG, we mused on the search of the Kingdom expression of our marriage — which mandated us to take a small but important relocation or repositioning from Colorado Springs to Denver about two months ago now — why “eight parables”, the heart and soul of this initiative, and the first five parable short films in development in twenty19!

For the most part, this is really Edward’s and His dream that I’ve come to be a part of. We were watching an episode of Fixer Upper a few nights ago where Chip and Joanna were launching their breakfast joint — which turned out really to be a lifelong dream of Chip’s. And Joanna merely extended her designer prowess to make it all a reality.

I was in the midst of building the website and setting up the communication channels of eight parables when I saw the episode. It reminded me of how we had a year ago sensed an appointed time has come to boldly launch an initiative to gather storytellers in the world of film for the Kingdom. And to adopt it as our joint marriage mission, too.

We had found that after being married for three good years, complacency creeping in meant we were becoming prone to be deviating from being on mission together. With that, we had entered 2018 declaring it The Launch Year. Yet in between being all kinds of afraid and procrastinating, it has taken us — mostly me! — an entire year to get down to getting this initiative off the ground.

But. It’s still 2018 here as we slog, write and post this. And there is always still time. Edward showed me a “lost in translation” sign he had captured when we were in Shanghai for my business trip last month, which really speaks to this. Engraved on the wall of a classic book cafe in Shanghai, presumably by the owner, it tells of his or her personal story:

“As a child, I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano.
This Spring, I found a teacher to teach me to play the piano.
And I am 30 this year!”

What I love about the Chinese language is you can often hear a person’s heart and zest in a piece of writing. And this was written in a lot of zest! Moreover, they also had a quote in broken English accompanying the story that basically implies ‘you may think it’s too late to start or learn or launch into a new thing, but it’s never too late‘.

So here’s our hope and heart for you as we kick into this another wonder of a new year that is #twenty19. That even if you did not manage to make good your #twenty18 resolutions — dream again and start again this New Year. It’s not too late. Take heart and take courage. And we hope us diving into eight parables will inspire you on the journey.

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