Obedience > Plans or Passion

SLOG chapter iv | We learned in 2019 so far, more than ever, to hold our “plans” or “passion” loosely to make room for His divine purpose. We will slowly reveal more of what our 2019 has really been up to in our next few slogs, it has been a lot for us to process! All extraordinarily good things from above, especially as we lead up to 2020 — the year of His Harvest for us!

The last time we did a slog, we had just moved from Colorado Springs into a lovely one-bedroom apartment in Denver. Even as it was a “pit stop” but we finally felt “settled in” to lay out some “plans” for 2019 — including slogging on a monthly basis, or so we thought.

With “plans” falling all over the place, and living in plenty of “uncertainties” — in this SLOG we reveal all the journey that led to taking us to Washington DC and the craziness of how Edward landed a great job or role that he did not even know existed in the first place, he’s now with the United Nations office in DC.

We ended 2018 with Edward leaving a ministry role he loved in Colorado Springs. Yet Colorado was a season where we re-learn obedience. As much as we love the people and being in full-time ministry in the most traditional sense, we had to eventually recognize we were not in our Grace zone even as everything was going well for us in the natural realm of things. But isn’t life just all about doing what we love and also getting paid for it? No.

We live in a time where “passion” is often confused with “purpose” — it’s become synonymous, and while it can, but more often than not the difference is in how hard you have to hustle to make “passion” happen or, to sustain it. Even as you love it, enjoy it, willing to be burnout for it… But if what you are doing in life isn’t just a response of obedience to Him to begin with, it will ultimately all lead back to an emptiness in your soul.

The first and last time I had a burnout or work stress in my life was almost a decade ago. It lasted for about 9 months in a great job — I mean it was my passion! I felt so much love and enjoyment doing it! But, I knew deep down inside my soul was not well. Not well at all. Eventually I resigned and took a short sabbatical to heal from it all. I never had a burnout ever again after even as I ran much harder in life well into my thirties today.

2019 has not only been restorative for us, once we landed in Washington DC in April, we sensed a shift in our souls. It was like an overdue realignment.

Red Sea, Hurghada | Egypt