Our out of control perennially in transit life

SLOG chapter v | There is nothing stagnant about Grace. Just as Faith without works is dead. To live drenched in a wondrous Grace-filled life of His surprises, you got to love living an out of control life in perennial transition. It’s really not that complicated.

This coming Monday, we will be moving to yet another one bedroom apartment on a longer lease of… about one year! Six months ago, we had moved out to DC “blind” signing a short-term lease as the transition had to happen so quickly for Edward’s new job, we did not have the time to “apartment shop” in person. So we just went with an intuition of what we saw online from two thousand miles afar and signed it.

We’ve done two back-to-back six months lease in the past year now, it makes a year’s lease seems eternal! But as you will hear in this SLOG, we begin to process out loud and reveal some of the realignments this transition to DC have showed up over the last 6 months, including sharing an unexpected surprise that “blindsided” us but, also why we signed a year’s lease at this new place for now. Truly the year of His surprises!

Further, DC is turning out to be like a coming of a full restorative circle for us for the past 6 to 7 years a re-navigating of missteps. In some ways, it all feels a bit like the Jonah story — not that DC is like Nineveh but rather it’s about a following through and trusting Him to know what He’s called us to is best even as it does not appear or feel so. The same way Jonah found it ridiculous for the Lord to call him to a city that he feels should be disregarded. And don’t we all relate to the attempted need to take control, to “run the other way” and the restlessness Jonah faced?

So if you’ve been with our journey as a couple since 2014, you’d have seen us use the hashtag #intransit a lot. Like. A. Lot. Even as for me personally, 11 years ago this week, I signed up for my twitter account where I had to specify my “location” on my profile. To which then I heard it spoke right into my spirit to live a life “perennially in transit” and love it — this has been my twitter profile “location” ever since.

And what we’ve learned being in transit together for the last 6 years is that there is no wrong turn or detour in life that He cannot restore in its fullest measure. But you got to let Him steer the wheel.

What many do not usually conceive about being perennially in transit is it is really a saying Yes to Him of a willingness to stay on the front lines — even if those around you don’t understand. What may appear to others as just “another relocation” is more than that in the spiritual realm.

That in whatever seasons — single, married, no kid, kid or kids (it’s not irresponsible parenting at all) — it’s a commitment to make the missional life work like the Patriarchs living out of tents to Paul making tents.

This is also in part inspired by our friends in the military in the US. If military families are simply assigned to move every few years as part of their commitment to serve the nation — it’s not at all unusual if you are committed to saying “Yes God” to be on the front lines of the even greater warfare that we are all participants of to live a missional life perennially in transit assigned by Him.

And also what many don’t talk much about a life perennially in transit on mission is how addictive it actually is, because Grace is addictive.

When you have truly truly tasted Grace, live in Grace, carried by Grace, spoiled by Grace, lavished by Grace — why would you want to live anywhere less than being right in the center of His Grace-filled will? Grace, like Faith, is ever active and ever waiting for us to tap right into it to thrive and not just survive.

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