Not all those who wander are lost – she took a while to understand this.

We live trying to find our dreams and then find our way to it. she did not. Her dreams found her when she was busy wandering – or rather busy staying committed to wandering. As an accidental minimalist traveller, she had lived out of he suitcase after becoming ‘homeless’ at 13, and only to find out later that this world, anyway, is not our home. She left the rat race at 17 and hit the road often on one-way tickets.

With a (Liberal) Arts education, you can either see life as fully capable of doing nothing professional or wildly open to everything anything possible.

Two decades, 47 countries later, she remains perpetually curious and resistant to just another nine-to-five desk job. Re-imagining modern day tentmaking, she spent her twenties working across four continents in some of the best cities in the world and moving whenever He moves her heart. For when you do that, your heart takes over and tells you where to go and intersecting with the needs of the world, and you just go out there to meet it. (Read her #livebig series here.)

And so to inspire you to live differently is at the heart and soul of this space and what she does as a creative professional — where she have on the road in the last two decades especially as a minimalist traveller learned the importance of simple living and living well.

Of living life with a spirit of excellence and stopping to smell the roses at the same time. Because, why not? The pursuit of wellness is not in competition with the pursuit of excellence, quite the opposite, it’s the foundation. It’s her little secret sauce. And running on an unstoppable imagination and knowing she will always find a way or make one.

Whether as a sports documentary producer in Hollywood, published writer of op-eds in Asia, missional tent-maker around the world, a mama conquering graduate business school and seminary, a real estate investor, or Kingdom storytelling with the husband.

In it all, find rest. Be inspired to live well, buy better, and get off the beaten path.