For as long as he could remember, he was on a journey to find meaning in his life.

And he had a desire to make a difference in the world.

For most of his life, this meant striving for success in the ways of the world. He climbed as high as he could, grappling through dark depression at Harvard University, building his craft on the Obama Presidential campaign, wrestling with his purpose while at the US Department of Education, struggling to hold on to Identity while working at the White House, and trying to make meaning of his spiritual existence as a co-founder of Jubilee Project.

In his quest to find a sense of self and purpose through each of these chapters, it was clear that he was searching for something deeper all along. While each of these peaks of “success” brought temporary relief, they only amplified the emptiness inside him and hunger for meaning that would last. The relentless dreamer in him came pinned under the weight of brokenness, fear and emptiness that persisted to grow inside him. And the resulting striving met with restlessness delivered only chaos and a key revelation: left to his own devices and efforts, he is incapable of claiming the destiny he was meant to live.

Everything changed in 2014 when he decided to set out on a journey of Faith, and Faith alone.

He set out on a journey with the hope of letting go of the securities (or rather insecurities) that come with power, platform, pay, performance and prestige. Instead, he put his life in one thing – his Faith. No frills or safety nets, just Jesus. And in this journey, his focus has simply been encountering His presence, and resting in the promised power of the Spirit. Along the way he met his princess warrior who has come along side him to fight the good fight of faith as one. Together, they live, they laugh and they love as they pursue the quest God has for everyone to be light in darkness, to help reimagine Church as the primary vehicle of global justice, and to empower a generation of young world changers everywhere they go.

This is their journey, welcome to their fun, crazy and impossible!