hot off the press

When they tell our story.

The day I prayed for my wife” on (Feb 2017)

Edward in AsAmNews: “Asian American Filmmaker Challenges Millennial AAPIs” (May, 2015)

Edward on 100 Huntley Street – Giving up the American Dream to make a change [Vid] (Nov, 2014)

Edward in Chinese Magazine《境界》: 放弃美国梦——走出白宫的哈佛青年 (Sep, 2014)

Edward in Stephanie Wu’s “The Roommates” [Pages 19-21] (Aug, 2014)

Edward in Christianity Today’s “33 under 33” Leaders shaping the next generation of our faith (Jul, 2014)

Edward in Angry Asian Man’s reader of the week (Feb, 2013)

Jan in Chinese Press “只要有梦想就不怕找不到下一站” (May, 2012)

Edward in Hyphen Magazine’s “Watch This” (Dec, 2011)